DECA & Decentralized Climate Foundation relationship

DECA is now an even more decentralized and secure project. After their ICO phase the projects that gave birth to DECA agreed to leave much of its operations in the hands of a non-profit foundation, the Decentralized Climate Foundation A.C.

The Decentralized Climate Foundation has been supporting and driving the DECA project from the last day of 2021 until today, focusing its goals on extend the decentralization process, increase community participation and bringing together other crypto initiatives with sustainable trends or activities in their development.

Decentralized Climate Foundation & DECA

The main objective of the foundation is to start a decentralized movement of crypto-projects with common interests for the benefit of the planet, with a decentralization and security emphasis.

DECA is now part of a much more open community, where decision making is done collectively and allows users of this token to be part of a whole network of projects with broader technological-sustainable goals.

All DECA tokens acquired by holders remains fully valid, without any changes. More information coming soon. Check for updates from the Foundation at their official site.

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