DECA has renewed its image

DECA has completely renewed its image to adapt it to this new decentralized era. During this year, the designers team behind DECA updated the branding, logo and the entire visual elements of the project to adapt them to new graphic trends of the crypto environment.

The designers’ main idea was to make DECA more easily identifiable by the community at charts, publications and social media. The project name was literally introduced in the logo with a more friendly typography, also the team kept the initial colors with some little changes for easier recognition.

The result is clearly visible, what do you think? Your feedback is very important to us.

New DECA logo

In addition, the development team together with the design area completely revamped the official DECA website. The intention was to make it easier for users to navigate, locate the most important elements in a cleaner way and reorganize everything for the next phase of this project.

You can check the updates on the official website and DECA’s social media channels.


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