DECA updates 2022

After a prolonged pandemic and the economic effects of this and other global stresses, the DECA project announces an update to its original structure that will allow it to further expand its energy, decentralization and governance objectives. 

During 2022, DECA’s development, marketing and economic teams have been reorganizing the project’s core documentation to update the current platform’s capabilities, including its tokenomic model and its role as an allied token for other projects with decentralized sustainable trends. 

DECA reports that by 2023 it will be rolling out this new update that will make this green token a whole framework for advancing energy and sustainable objectives in a more efficient way at the blockchain environment and its communities.

In the coming months DECA will be publishing the documentation where public, media, community and investors will be able to see in depth this new path.

Stay tuned to DECA social media channels for more information.


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