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DECA & Decentralized Climate Foundation relationship

DECA is now an even more decentralized and secure project. After their ICO phase the projects that gave birth to DECA agreed to leave much of its operations in the hands of a non-profit foundation, the Decentralized Climate Foundation A.C. The Decentralized Climate Foundation has been supporting and driving the DECA project from the last […]

DECA is now on Uniswap! 🦄

DECA is now on Uniswap! 🦄 Finally! 🙌 We are the Decentralized Climate Foundation and we are very excited to announce that DECA has been successfully added into the decentralized exchange Uniswap. With this action, everyone will be able to exchange their DECA for ETH or other ERC20 tokens. Now it will be much easier to get DECA […]

DECA will be managed by a Foundation

DECA will be managed by a Foundation We are pleased to inform you of the next steps for the future of DECA, a decentralized economy based on carbon credits. The development team and investors have made the following decisions. DECA will be managed by the Decentralized Climate Foundation. The goal of the Decentralized Climate Foundation is […]