Our team

DECA is made possible through the effort and skills of a unified team, it is a project filled with visionaries, experts and believers, unified by the possibility that there is a better tomorrow. Meet the team that makes DECA a reality!


This effort is possible thanks to the contribution of Innovative Hydrogen Solutions (IHS), a socially-responsible Canadian company specialized in the creation of combustion engines fueled with hydrogen, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the efficiency of these. In addition, at IHS, fuel consumption is reduced with the clear intention of avoiding big amounts of pollutants in the environment. The idea is always to save the planet.

Another creator of this project is Neetsec Internacional, a company specialized in cybersecurity, focused on creating new projects to change the world. Having always in mind ​​the creation of freedom spaces where they do not currently exist, so their work is crucial for the development of DECA. It is a group of talented people focused on improving the planet and guaranteeing respect of freedoms on the Internet.