The companies Innovateive Hydrogen Solutions(IHS), and Neetsec International (NSI) have partnered together for the creation of a cryptocurrency revolutionizing the use of carbon credits. The combination of their strength will launch a revolution in the way that carbon credits are issued, generating a new decentralized economy, following the principles of the Paris Agreement. Together they initiated a process which will create a pioneer currency named Decentralized Carbon or DECA.

November 2018

- Software tender in general.

- General structure of ICO.

- Short and long term project planning.

- Development of interconnection tools in the ICO.

December 2018

- Acquisition of servers.

- Initial security implementations.

- General planning of the ICO.

- WhitePaper Writing.

- Planning and initial tests for the ERC20.

January 2019

- IHS webpage renewal.

- Consulting with experts in carbon credits.

- Data mining / analytics for market analysis.

- Creation of graphic identity and name of the cryptocurrency.

- First version of Whitepaper 1.0 (internal review by experts).

- Consultancy with experts from the energy sector regarding carbon credits.

February 2019

- Renovation of the NSI website.

- Documents translation into English and Spanish (Chinese in development).

- Creation of the DECA GitLab.

- First versions of the Whitepaper in Markdown (English and Spanish).

- First version of Light Paper 1.0.

- Creation of social network strategies for DECA.

- Partnership

- Project management optimization by agile methodologies.

March 2019

- Partnership.

- Creation of DECA's social network.

- DECA smart contract (ERC20)

- Security test to DECA smart contract (internal by a third part).

- Delivery of the DECA logo created by Mexican artists.

- General designs (UX / UI) for ICO webpage and web wallet.

- Internal security testing by NSI security experts.

- Initialization of the Science Paper (data collection).

- Delivery of the ICO webpage for marketing.

April 2019

- Improvement and approval of strategies for social networks of DECA.

- Science Paper delivery.

- Delivery of ICO (Beta).

- Reviews and final adjustments to the ICO project.

May 2019

- ICO.