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DECA alliance with Maxcoin

Maxcoin Logo

DECA alliance with Maxcoin. The project announces its expansion through key partnerships with major crypto projects. As part of a relationship focused on the love for decentralization, collaboration and digital democracy, a development and communication partnership has been established with the global Maxcoin project. Maxcoin is one of the longest running crypto projects since the […]

DECA & Decentralized Climate Foundation relationship

DECA is now an even more decentralized and secure project. After their ICO phase the projects that gave birth to DECA agreed to leave much of its operations in the hands of a non-profit foundation, the Decentralized Climate Foundation A.C. The Decentralized Climate Foundation has been supporting and driving the DECA project from the last […]

DECA has renewed its image

DECA has completely renewed its image to adapt it to this new decentralized era. During this year, the designers team behind DECA updated the branding, logo and the entire visual elements of the project to adapt them to new graphic trends of the crypto environment. The designers’ main idea was to make DECA more easily […]